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is a Greek company,  in the field of fire fighting, electrical equipment, lighting, technology and energy solutions.
The e-hpsigalas.gr online store whose main object of activity is the marketing of electrical-fire-water machinery that serves Greece. Creating an online store for the professional and amateur stems from
the need of modern consumers to have fast, relaxed and safe purchases for their construction work.
Our vision is to provide our customers with the best online shopping experience from start to finish. 
The company focuses on a diverse customer base -warehouse material  - System Installation, as well as a Technical Support for firefighting equipment

ELECTROPYR SIGALAS, based on the know-how and specialized experience, with the support and cooperation of the largest companies in the electrical-fire-fighting industry, with quality and safety, we serve our customers immediately, providing information and advice. Keeping up to date with international market trends and technologies, a wide range of high quality products and excellent customer service, is offered. Possesing  an extensive, fully organized product storage and distribution network, constantly improving the services it offers by offering competitive prices and impeccable service.

The Team at e-hpsigalas.gr